Account Access via Quicken


Provident Credit Union members may view their account history through personal financial management software like Intuit’s Quicken™. Provident uses Express Web Connect to connect to Quicken. Using Quicken software, you can select Provident Credit Union as a listed financial institution, input your online banking credentials, and retrieve your account data directly to Quicken. You can also access your account data through Account Activity in Online Banking.

Information You'll Need to Get Started

The following instructions are for members that have not yet set up their accounts to be accessible through Quicken. To automatically download your account transactions from Provident Credit Union to Quicken, you’ll need to have Internet access and the Quicken software. Please have the following information handy as you set up your accounts:

  • Your most recent statement for each account you want to set up (or access to online banking)
  • Your Provident Credit Union online banking credentials

Set-Up Instructions

Visit Quicken support for set-up instructions based on your operating system:

Please use Quicken support for any inquiries related to set-up, installation, or technical issues.